Monday, 6 July 2015

My secret

I step outside into the cool morning air. The sun hadn't risen yet. The smell of wet grass is powerful, it makes me smile.
I walk, barefoot, down to the small lake, that cuts a gash through the forest.
I sit down by the edge of the lake, waiting for the spectacular show yet to come. In the middle of the lake there is a small island, barely bigger than a boat, on it is a weeping willow. I stare at it, watching its branches sweep the surface of the water. Everything is still and silent, except for a little robin who is singing his song so sweetly. I almost drift off to sleep.
 I wait, and wait. I know the time has come when the robin stops his song. I stare at the willow in anticipation. Then suddenly, all at once, the tree explodes with tiny yellow lights that float, randomly through the sky, carried away on the wind that is not there.
They are like a swarm of little lanterns, lighting up the morning with a yellow glow, they dance around the willow, they dance around the lake, and finally they dance around me.
The glowing lights.
My little secret.

copyright 2015
by me
aged 13

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