Monday, 6 July 2015

Angelsey riding centre

This was a couple of years ago, when we went on a holiday to Angelsey
I found a riding center that is by far my favorite
And most of all;

This is me riding Relma
She's a really beautiful

But she's not my favorite
My favorite horse at Angelsey is;
He's 24 yrs
Although he's very old he loves to go, and will run his heart out for you
quite literally!

His favorite activity is jumping, and galloping on the beach.
But unfortunately he's to old to jump properly, but they let him do small jumps

that's good enough for him
He's so smooth to ride, it feels like he's gliding 
Out the saddle he's such a sweet, and gentle horse, but in the saddle...


They don't let him run on the beach anymore because he runs himself out
They can't ride him for weeks after because he gets so tired

He'll try his hardest for you


My secret

I step outside into the cool morning air. The sun hadn't risen yet. The smell of wet grass is powerful, it makes me smile.
I walk, barefoot, down to the small lake, that cuts a gash through the forest.
I sit down by the edge of the lake, waiting for the spectacular show yet to come. In the middle of the lake there is a small island, barely bigger than a boat, on it is a weeping willow. I stare at it, watching its branches sweep the surface of the water. Everything is still and silent, except for a little robin who is singing his song so sweetly. I almost drift off to sleep.
 I wait, and wait. I know the time has come when the robin stops his song. I stare at the willow in anticipation. Then suddenly, all at once, the tree explodes with tiny yellow lights that float, randomly through the sky, carried away on the wind that is not there.
They are like a swarm of little lanterns, lighting up the morning with a yellow glow, they dance around the willow, they dance around the lake, and finally they dance around me.
The glowing lights.
My little secret.

copyright 2015
by me
aged 13

Sunday, 5 July 2015

sorry I haven't been posting for a while, but I'm going to try get back into it.

And I'm still as horsey as ever :D

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Magnificant Milo

I have a dog his name is Milo, Milo knows lots of tricks, and my friends all ask me how to do them, so:
SIT: push your dogs Bottom down so he goes into a sit position ( say "sit as you do ), reward him, repeat this ten times, then don't push his bottom down and just say "sit", if he doesn't listen repeat from the start, if he does reward him with two treats and try again.

LIE DOWN: get your dog too sit, gently take one of his legs ( don't life it up, it isn't "paw" ) see if he's comfterble with you doing so, its best to give him a treat for being good about it. grab the other paw and slowly pull ( be very gentle about this, another way is to push down inbertween his shoulder blades, or on them ) say "lie down" and repeat, ten times and then try it without pushing, or pulling.

PAW: make your dog sit, then take his paw and say "shake" or "paw" or "nice-to-meet-you" or ... you get the picture. repeat until he can do it himself.

STAY+GO: for this you need a command that means "no" for example: OI, AAAAH, >GROWL<, something like that, or even just a yell, get something that your dog wants: ball, bone, treats, food.
get him to stay by saying stay, if he doesn't listen ( which he won't ) then go "OI" or "HEY" ( try to add a growl ) and say stay, this is something that Milo learnt over time we made him wait for his food, or wait to get his ball, or when we buy a new bone ( he really likes bones ) we would say "Milo, Stay" in a gruff voice, and know he knows stay like sit! go when your dog is staying, say go, he shall learn that go means go!

Friday, 1 February 2013

pretty peacock!

 an albino peacock shows off its FANTASTIC feathers at the zoo!
 showing the girls how pretty he is
I'm a pretty boy!
"don't worry I'll always love you best!"


"well I love you!"
"oh, thank you, thank you, I am the best!"

Monday, 28 January 2013

story time! ( the magic flower )

                                                      THE MAGIC FLOWER

                                                         by Lifegirl aged ten

Mandy was ten and was very kind if you got to know her, she was shy. She had long red hair and dark grey eyes. Mandy only had one friend called Sophie who was the most beautiful and kind girl in the whole school, she was the queen of year six, black hair, long legs, and a dazzling smile that lit up her light blue eyes.
Mandy was small for her age, not REALLY small, just small. Sophie felt sorry for her when Mandy first came to school because everybody picked on her. Sophie went over to her and helped Mandy's way through the weeks, soon they became friends.
Mandie was walking home arm in arm with Sophie after school one day when some boys came charging past squashing some pretty flowers. Mandy squeaked with horror when she saw the trampled flowers.
“What?” asked Sophie
“Those poor, poor little flowers!” said Mandy running over to them.
Sophie sometimes got irritated when Mandy fussed about a sapling that got squashed, or a plant that has been knocked over, or anything like that, but she knew how much plants meant to Mandy, so today, she would keep quiet and not grumble.
Mandy knew a lot about plants, she had learned most flowers names. Amongst the crushed flowers were poppies and daffodils and snow drops but there was one flower she did not recognise, it was rainbow coloured, splashes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet coloured it's petals.
“Sophie quick I think it's a new type of flower!” she said excitedly.
Sophie came and crouched down beside Mandy, she didn't see any difference. “Yeah cool, I think it's dead now” said Sophie unenthusiastically.
“It won't die if we really care for it, it shall survive” said Mandy
Mandy, picking up an empty yoghurt pot, knew exactly how to take the flower out of the ground and not harm it. She slowly and carefully lifted it out of the ground and placed it in the yoghurt pot.
When they got home the girls ran to Mandy's green house. Entering the greenhouse was like stepping into a different world “Planttopia”, or at least that's what the girls called it. Plants and flowers of all colours filled the greenhouse. The girls found a perfect place for Mandy's little flower.
Over the next few days Mandy fussed over the rainbow flower giving it water and special flower food each morning. One morning Mandy looked at the flower, it was better, it was actually better! She gave a whoop, brought out her mobile phone and emailed Sophie to tell her.
Sophie's reply wasn't a celebration, she didn't care about such a weedy little flower but she still congratulated Mandy “Great, yeah, good for you” emailed Sophie half heartedly.
After school Mandy couldn't wait to show Sophie. They ran to the green house making their way in and out of winding bushes and plants and flowers until they reached the pretty little flower and it's rainbow colours. It's leaves were healthy and it looked up at them as if to say “thank you”. The little flower looked so strong that it seemed to have been made of bamboo but also so delicate that it seemed to need to be placed on a pillow in a glass case.
Mandy beamed down at it “I like it so much that I want to keep it on me at all times, not just look at it when I get home from school” she said
“Well, we could make a little belt and strap a plastic cup to it, then you could carry it about” said Sophie, doubting every word
“Yeah” said Mandy quietly “YEAH WE COULD!” she said, now whooping with delight.
“We better get some leather” said Sophie surprised that her plan worked
“Mum has some” said Mandy
“Great go and get it” said Sophie “oh, and a plastic cup, scissors, and a needle and some thread”
“Right” said Mandy dashing off to gather the supplies. About an hour later the girl had attached the plastic cup to the leather belt. Mandy filled the cup with soil and lifted the flower carefully and put it in the cup. “There, all done. Now lets see if it fits”Sophie held out the belt to Mandy who took it and slipped it on. “It fits! Oh, it's wonderful!” said Mandie “Thank you Sophie”
“It was nothing” said Sophie sounding pleased
The next day Mandy got up really early and looked down at the green house Through it's many windows, she could just make out her belt and the little rainbow flower.
When Mandy got to school she was wearing her belt with the little rainbow flower
“Look at you!!!” said Sophie when she saw Mandy “You look fabulous!!”
“Thanks but it's just a belt, it's not like I'm wearing a wedding dress!” said Mandy giggling
In class Mandy put her rainbow flower on her desk, when it was P.E she put her flower in her locker, and when it was lunch time she talked to her flower. Finally, it was home time, she and Sophie walked through the forest so that they could spend time together before doing their homework. Sophie was in the middle of telling Mandy about her new baby cousin when she suddenly realised that Mandy was no longer besides her. She panicked “Mandy? Mandy! MANDY!!! she called
“Over here” replied Mandy. Sophie followed her voice and saw Mandy crouched over something on the ground. “Mandy” said Sophie relieved “you didn't tell me that you had stopped, I was all on my own!”
Mandy didn't reply she just stared at something on the ground. When Sophie saw what Mandy was looking at she didn't understand “Why are you so amazed by that plant?” she asked.
Mandy looked up “The flower... it was the flower...” Mandy said sounding astonished
“What about the flower?” asked Sophie
“The flower... sparks... dead plant... came alive” Mandy spluttered
Mandy managed to recover and told Sophie everything “I saw a dying plant I ran over to it and tried to make it better but I couldn't, and then the flower, it sparked and the sparks fell only on that plant and the plant got better”
“Well you were either seeing things or that flower is one of a kind” said Sophie “tomorrow after school we'll go around the pond and any dead or dying plants we'll try to make the flower work it's magic, OK”
“OK” said Mandy still a bit shaken. Sophie put her arm around her “it's OK you were probably just seeing things”
The next evening the girls walked around the pond and found their first dead plant
“Perfect! Now we need to try some things to make the flower work it's magic” said Sophie “if it has any” she added
They tried touching the plant but that didn't work but Sophie had an idea “Did you say anything that might have made the flower do... it's thing?” Mandy thought and then said “I did say 'plant please get well'” As soon as Mandy spoke the little flower shot sparks all over the dead plant and the plant started lifting it's tall leaves and got greener and greener and soon it was a healthy tall green plant “Wow!! O.M.G what just happened?!” said Sophie shocked “so you weren't seeing things”
“No I wasn't” Said Mandy glad to know that she wasn't going crazy.
“Lets go try that plant” said Sophie pointing at a shrivelled up lily. Mandy said the magic words and the same thing happened, it got better
“We could get a job at the garden centre and help all their plants” said Sophie.
And so, every evening after school, the girls would go and help the garden centre and use the magic of the little rainbow flower to cure all of their dying plants....and they earned some pocket money too.
                                                                        THE END

Monday, 10 December 2012

Ella Watson's diary

This is Ella Watson, she is 18 and she has a very special job, she is a daredevil! ( or a stunt women )

Her first stunt, the wobble bobble bridge!

It seems to be going good.

Oh no! ( crowd gasps )

Phew, safe.

( applause )

Her second stunt!


( evil music )



Aaaaargh!!! ( again )

Waaaaaah!!! ( crowd gasps )

Thud! ( she is supposed to land like that )

"I'm OK" ( crowd applause )
"congratulations! you have won the daredevil stunts". ( crowd cheers )

"thank you all, for believing me and sticking with me all the way through ( and these flowers smell great! )".