Sunday, 18 December 2011

Story time!

This story is called, THE SCARY STORY OF ME! (Fiction)
My name is Kate, and I'm going to tell you about the most scariest day of my life.
I was driving with my mum and dad when the car broke down right in front of an old house. Mum and dad told me to stay in the car while they go and find help. I waited and waited then I followed them because it was way to long. I walked up to the old house. The door creaked open, there was dust on the floor, and on the walls there were pictures of olden day people. The walls were lined with doors. I tried each one, all of them where locked except one. I opened the door and at once I wish I hadn't, standing there was a ghost with a skeleton head. It reached out a bony hand to grab me. I screamed and ducked. I started to run. I ran and ran, out of the door run run run and then BANG! I tripped. The monster came closer and closer then it screamed a high pitch wail that nearly burst my ear drums. More monsters joined him. I got up and started to run again,  after a while running I came to a barn "I think I will stay here for the night" I thought. I made a bed out of straw and had a good night sleep. When I woke up I found some food to eat and when I was done I opened the barn door...there were the monsters! I ran out of the back door and ran all the way home but I have to keep on moving home because they never leave me alone! I shall be wandering forever.

making baby Jesus!!

To make baby Jesus we used half a walnut shell and soft beeswax. Take the soft beeswax and make a egg shape with any colour you want accept beige and yellow. Afterwards make a small beige ball this will be the head. Place the ball on the the pointy bit of the egg shape then get a bit of yellow and make it into a sausage shape, the sausage should be very small, small enough to fit on Jesus' head. Wrap the yellow sausage around Jesus' head now you've made baby Jesus. Now put him in the half walnut shell and now he's done

the friendliest chicken

The most friendliest chicken I know is Donald, a giant orpington. Orpingtons are the worlds biggest chickens.
We hatched our Orpington in the incubator. We thought that he was a girl at first and called him Donna, which we changed to Donald as soon as he started to crow. I get him and sit down with him and I'll cuddle him and he will fall asleep. Orpingtons get bullied by other breeds of  chicken so its best to get more then one.
This is a picture of Donald with my little sister. See he is even good with young children

Monday, 12 December 2011


One guy said to another guy "its my motto"
 and the other guy said "whats a motto"
 and the first guy said "nothing, whats the motto with you?"

It's a snake!!!

I have a pet snake, his name is Charlie. Charlie is a corn snake, he only eats mice. He is red. You will never find his red colouring in the wild because he was bred in captivity and bred for his bright colours.
This is a picture of Charlie eating a pinkie ( baby mouse )

Story Time!

This story is for little girls. It was in a book that I enjoyed listening to called My Sister Jodie.

Once upon a time lived a girl named Cherry blossom. One day Cherry blossom went out into her garden and planted some pumpkin seeds. Soon it was time to pick the pumpkins. Cherry blossom thought it a pity to pick them but she bent down  to pick one. She pulled and pulled and out popped a fairy and the fairy said "Cherry blossom, I am a pumpkin fairy and I will grant you a wish"

Now ask your daughter to wish what she thought Cherry blossom wished if you have more daughters make Cherry blossom pull out more pumpkins.

FACT (sort of)

Did you know that my chickens pose My chickens see a camera and pose and I don't know why.
This is a picture of my rooster Humphrey. We had to get rid of him because he kept on attacking my younger brother and sister to protect the hens, we gave him away as well as his friend Karl.
Humphrey was speckled grey with sand colour and white. Karl had a black with white spots, he had gold, black red orange too. We hatched both roosters using our incubator. I miss them ;(

Baby blue tit

This is Bobby. Bobby is a baby blue tit. As all young birds, Bobby got kicked out of his nest to learn to fly. I thought that he had fallen out of his nest so I went and caught him. My brother and I fed him and he ate all the food we gave him and sometimes he demanded more food. Even though we did everything we could (we even made a nest on top of a hot water bottle), Bobby died. I was very sad when bobby died so I am writing this to warn others, if you ever find a baby bird just leave it alone.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Looking after chickens

Its very important to keep your hens healthy and happy. Keeping them free range is very good for their health. There are a few different things that you have to learn

1 THE COOP  Clean the hens coop once a week. Sawdust or straw is the bedding. For the nest box put a light sprinkle of sawdust at the bottom and then put straw on the top. My version of a good looking coop is sawdust at least two and a half inches of the bottom with at a hand full. Size is very important. To hold 9 chickens you need at least 20 inches wide and 27 inches high and 20 or more inches long.

2 FOOD,WATER Food and water are very important but you need good food and water feeders. Good food feeders are the ones with a roof and stands so when it rains the water from the grass doesn't get in and soak the food. You need good balanced food such as layers pellets with does get soaked if does not have a roof. Change the water twice a day.

3 FENCING, Badgers and Foxes love to eat chickens so you need very good fencing.You also need to lock them away every night. In spring and summer lock them away at 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock. In autumn and winter pack them away at 5 o'clock or 6 o'clock.

4 BIG GARDEN SMALL GARDEN, Do you have a big garden or a small one because size is very important so you need the perfect breed of chicken. If you have a small garden go for bantams ( bantams are a small breed of chicken ) if you have a big garden you can go for any breed of chicken.

This is a picture of my me and my hen Mary and my brother and his hen Hermione

Saturday, 10 December 2011

rescue the pigeons

Every year there are these people that are shooting pigeons. My brother and I found a pigeon, we called him Harry. Harry got shot in the wing so he couldn't fly. He soon got used to us. After a while we found another pigeon, this one was a girl, we called her Lily. Harry was much happier now that he had a friend.
Lily couldn't fly because her wing was broken. Lily died, we didn't now why because she was eating and drinking. We set Harry free. A few weeks later we saw him with a few other pigeons which made me very happy.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Beginning

Hi! This is going to be my blog about my life, the things that I love doing.
I wanted a place to record my adventures, so here it is!