Sunday, 18 December 2011

Story time!

This story is called, THE SCARY STORY OF ME! (Fiction)
My name is Kate, and I'm going to tell you about the most scariest day of my life.
I was driving with my mum and dad when the car broke down right in front of an old house. Mum and dad told me to stay in the car while they go and find help. I waited and waited then I followed them because it was way to long. I walked up to the old house. The door creaked open, there was dust on the floor, and on the walls there were pictures of olden day people. The walls were lined with doors. I tried each one, all of them where locked except one. I opened the door and at once I wish I hadn't, standing there was a ghost with a skeleton head. It reached out a bony hand to grab me. I screamed and ducked. I started to run. I ran and ran, out of the door run run run and then BANG! I tripped. The monster came closer and closer then it screamed a high pitch wail that nearly burst my ear drums. More monsters joined him. I got up and started to run again,  after a while running I came to a barn "I think I will stay here for the night" I thought. I made a bed out of straw and had a good night sleep. When I woke up I found some food to eat and when I was done I opened the barn door...there were the monsters! I ran out of the back door and ran all the way home but I have to keep on moving home because they never leave me alone! I shall be wandering forever.

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  1. Great stories and I love all your pieces about your chickens... great photos too. Looking forward to what's next.
    [ps. I'm Catherine Moolenschot's aunt living in Portland Oregon USA]