Monday, 10 December 2012

Ella Watson's diary

This is Ella Watson, she is 18 and she has a very special job, she is a daredevil! ( or a stunt women )

Her first stunt, the wobble bobble bridge!

It seems to be going good.

Oh no! ( crowd gasps )

Phew, safe.

( applause )

Her second stunt!


( evil music )



Aaaaargh!!! ( again )

Waaaaaah!!! ( crowd gasps )

Thud! ( she is supposed to land like that )

"I'm OK" ( crowd applause )
"congratulations! you have won the daredevil stunts". ( crowd cheers )

"thank you all, for believing me and sticking with me all the way through ( and these flowers smell great! )".


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